Alexander H. Welch

Acquisitions and Asset Management Associate

Alexander (Alex) H. Welch serves as an Acquisitions and Asset Management Associate with Forge Capital Partners. Mr. Welch works with the Director of Acquisitions to identify and underwrite real estate investments for Forge Capital Partners sponsored Private Equity Funds. Mr. Welch also oversees property management on select assets and is responsible for several asset management duties pertaining to the Funds.

Prior to Alex’s employment with Forge Capital Partners, he served as a Research Assistant for Florida State University’s Finance Department and assisted in the active management of the University’s Student Investment Fund. Further, Alex worked with the University’s Campus Recreation department as a Competitive Sports Supervisor, promoting Intramural Sport involvement and the overall wellness of the student body.

Alex earned his Bachelor of Science in Real Estate and Finance and his Masters of Science in Finance from Florida State University.

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